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JOINES, PLLC represents property owners, developers and general contractors in retail, office, multi-family residential and mixed-use development and construction projects.

“Development agreement” is a broad term that refers to many different types of agreements. A development agreement between the owner of land and a governmental authority typically requires the owner, as developer, to complete certain improvements desired by the governmental authority as a condition of the owner’s receipt of rights or approvals required for the project. A development agreement between the owner of land and a development company, lessee or purchaser of all or a portion of such land, or the owner of adjacent land, typically requires one of the parties, as developer, to complete certain improvements benefitting the land in exchange for other consideration (e.g. future purchase, lease or payments). The developer engages an architect and/or engineer to assist with the design and administration of the project, and one or more general contractors responsible for construction activities, which may include demolition, construction of site work (driveways, parking areas, utilities and drainage infrastructure, lighting, and road improvements), construction of individual buildings, and buildout of individual spaces. In addition to the development agreement, professional service agreement(s), and construction agreement(s), it is often necessary for a developer to negotiate easements, bonds, private covenants, conditions and restrictions, instruments and agreements related to the dedication of water and sewer infrastructure and water use rights, and releases of existing encumbrances.

We have considerable experience negotiating contacts with architects, engineers and contractors using our own forms and forms produced by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). We are well-versed in Florida’s Construction Lien Law and all other laws applicable to development and construction.