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JOINES, PLLC represents buyers and sellers of commercial properties in negotiated transactions and auctions

As Counsel For Buyer

When representing the buyer in a negotiated transaction, we carefully consider factors such as our client’s level of interest in the property, the likelihood of competing offers, our preliminary assessment of risks, our ability to mitigate risk through due diligence, and the amount of time available to close, to determine the most appropriate form of purchase and sale contract. After the purchase and sale contract has been negotiated and executed, we review all legal due diligence information and report any concerns to our client. If financing is involved, we work with our client and the lender’s counsel to finalize loan documents and ensure satisfaction of the lender’s conditions to closing.

As Counsel For Seller

When representing the seller in a negotiated transaction, before the property is listed, we help our client and the broker identify and resolve any issues that may adversely impact the value of the property or delay closing (e.g. open/expired permits, notices of commencement, incomplete records, or problems with tenants), and assemble all due diligence documents to be furnished to the buyer. Upon receipt of an offer, we review the terms with our client and negotiate any necessary changes. If there are multiple offers, we help our client understand the significance of differing legal terms. After the contract has been executed, we assist our client in responding to any due diligence concerns raised by the buyer and satisfying all conditions to closing.

In All Transactions

We work with opposing counsel to reach agreement upon the forms of the documents to be delivered at closing. In many transactions, it is necessary to negotiate ancillary documents such as easements, development agreements, master leases, escrow agreements and instructions to closing agent. If we are acting as title/closing agent, we confirm that all closing conditions have been satisfied and close the transaction in accordance with the purchase and sale contract. If opposing counsel is acting as title/closing agent, we coordinate all deliveries with them to ensure a smooth closing.